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NIJ III STAND ALONE-PE+Aluminium Body armor

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SIZE: 10″X12″


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NIJ III STAND ALONE-PE+Aluminium Body armor

$299.00 $89.00

(34 customer reviews)

Level III body armor

For Leve IV body armor, please click here

The Al2O3 ceramic Level III Ballistic Armor Plate weighs in at 5.25 pounds and measures 10″ x 12″, which fits perfectly in most Plate Carrier. Featuring a slim .75″ profile and ergonomic curvature, this plate is not only high quality but also comfortable. The waterproof polyester cover enhances durability, ensuring your plate will last its 5-year shelf life. Tested at Level III, this plate is capable of taking multiple rifle rounds.


Our STAND ALONE-PE+Aluminium level III body armor could meet the NIJ0101.06 Level III standard. As a result it could stop bullet 7.62mm FMJ Steel Jacket, M80; 9.6g (147gr); 847m/s ± 9.1m/s (2780ft/s ± 30ft/s.

Super cost-effective rifle-level bulletproof plate

It is produced from our own production lines with a 5-year shelf life. Therefore, you could have a III bulletproof plate with the best price due to there is no middleman.

The ergonomic cut provides space for both left and right shooting position. Moreover, it could fit most of the plate carriers or bulletproof vest.


  • Peace of mind: stop bullet 7.62mm FMJ Steel Jacket, M80
  • Lightweight: unparalleled lightweight compared to all-steel plate
  • Durable: exclusive 5-year shelf life
  • Ergonomic: nice cut design fit for a rifle stock


  • Same model for the USA local brand
  • 10×12 weights approx 2.2kg
  • Ultra-narrow edging provide a bigger protective area
  • Super light-weight
  • Made in the People’s Republic of China!

We have supplied over 100,000 pieces of armor per year to the U.S. market with American local brand. We welcome OEM and ODM orders.

For government and wholesale project, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected]

Our official website:

China Xinxing Guangzhou Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise with government authorization in military supplies and logistics export since 1989.










7.62mm FMJ Steel Jacket, M80; 9.6g (147gr); 847m/s ± 9.1m/s (2780ft/s ± 30ft/s; 6 HITS







34 reviews for NIJ III STAND ALONE-PE+Aluminium Body armor

  1. Derek Crawoford

    WOW. so impressed. the shipping was so fast and the materials feel very high quality. this will be great when BLM and Antifa come rioting to a town near you. excellent product. I will be buying more!

  2. Johnny Cage

    Very very very cheap, not only the quality is very good, but also free shipping. It is hard to believe that such a good bulletproof plate can be bought at such a cheap price.Shipping very fast.Seven days to America.

  3. Amanda Winegarner

    Very light and thin plates, like LVL3A well packaged and protected with bubble paper, on the other hand the shape of the package leaves no doubt for someone knowing a little. No customs!

  4. Ayan Seisembayev

    I purchased these dummy plates for my plate carrier when playing airsoft. I have real level 3 plates which I don’t really like using to play with. These are much lighter and suit my needs for gameplay. I highly recommend ordering these for your plate carrier.

  5. Edward Peetoom

    plate tested satisfactory with 2x m855, and 2x m80. m80 impacted 1.5 inches apart with no penetration.

  6. Daniel Cortes

    The seller is very communicative and responds in a day. He shipped via UPS and was delivered in 10 days. The plate is just as described. I tested the plate with 10 rounds of 9mm 124gr FMJ out of a 16 inch barrel carbine from ~5 meters away. There was no penetration, despite some significant deformation. All bullets were stopped in about 1/3-1/2 of the depths and were completely captured within. The biggest deformation came from 2 bullet hits within 1cm of each other at the lower part of the plate and other was with 3 bullets hitting in a 3-4cm triangle. Then we hit it with 2 rounds of 7.62×51 for fun – which obviously went through. Overall impressive results for the price.

  7. Bassam Crawford

    It came fast, it’s what I expected, exelent quality at a very good price, I recommend the seller and the item.

  8. Mike Tolliver

    In the United States, it costs at least $200 to purchase this bulletproof plate. I bought ballistic plate of the same quality at the lowest price, which surprised me the most. I recommend it.

  9. Jamal Mashburm

    Purchased this set for my Pantac 6094 for airsoft, just to fill it out and make it more sturdy, rather then floppy. These fit the pockets of the carrier perfectly, and really make it more filled out. Foam is sturdy and a bit flexible, and weighs a small amount. I found no issues with the carrier with the plates in, other then having to adjust the fit a little, as the plates will result in slightly more size around you, as they are thicker then no plates.

    The plates themselves are simple, but decently made. Simple black coating with a slight curve to them for a better fit. You could easily make them yourself with the same foam, but for the convenience and ease of these, I would gladly buy them again.

  10. Tyler Burton

    I’m really satisfied. I tested the plates with several caliber, started with 22lr up to 454 casull, it’s really unbelievable. I want to order more. And if you put 2 of them together, then they can hold a 223 remington as well. And fast shipping.

  11. Matthew Wilson

    I used these plates in an IOTV carrier and they fit pretty much exactly. They are slightly thicker than ESAPI plates but there is a compressible foam backing. These plates are 29mm thick compressible to 25mm. The ESAPI plates are 25mm

  12. Ron Radar

    Very good quality product.
    We tested the plates with 5.56 armor piercing, 300 blackout, and 30-06 armor piercing rounds and none of them managed to go through at 25 yards (almost full muzzle velocity).
    Communication from the seller was stellar (thank you JK).
    Shipping took a while but this was expected since they coming from overseas(still within the time frame that JK gave me)
    Will purchase more soon.

  13. Eddie Stingray

    Seller was very friendly and professional. He had great communication with me throughout the process. I will be making many more orders.

  14. Jason K

    Not bad

  15. Jason K

    Muito bem EU chegar antes do tempo muito bem protegido e embalado assim como na foto

  16. Austin Young

    confortable plate carrier fill up.

  17. Nocturne

    Está em conformidade com a descrição. Rápida recepção

  18. Dookie

    Produto incrível Testado no campo de tiro com 22lr e 9mm. Nada através, muito impressionante.

  19. Jake Harrington

    Artigo como descrito. EU comprei um primeiro prato para testá-lo, e que detém 9mm tiros em uma distância curta, não há problema.

  20. Xavier Eakins

    Complies with the description. Quick reception

  21. Christopher mccaslin

    Arrived in 7 days. Plate quite rigid. Ecelente quality. Will order more in future.

  22. Josh Bolen

    Great seller. Slabs arrived in US for 8 days after purchase. The product corresponds to the description, well packed. Recommend! Everything is fine!

  23. Jim Jackson

    The plates came in exactly like the photo the plates fit perfectly into my vest and it is solid. For those of you who have never got a chest plate before make sure you check the measurements of your vest and plate to make sure you have to correct size. Over all I’m happy with time product good quality. Very good product I recommend you get it don’t forget like I said make sure you know the measurements because you want the plate to fit nicely into your vest.

  24. Lawrence

    I ordered upgraded PE plates for a new carrier. Havent got em yet but needed something to stiffen the carrier for set up.

  25. Steven

    ultra light, I hope never had to use it but I’m happy to have it, size is perfect for conceal and the multi-curved shape addapts to the nose perfectly. 100% RECOMENDED

  26. Kaden

    Fits perfectly with my vest and is able to withstand my airguns shooting upwards of 500FPS. These are pretty thick pieces of foam so I was pleasantly surprised when none of the steel BBs were able to penetrate them.

  27. William Saunders

    Good a little small for the European size I’m 181 for 84kg missing some small cm But I must say that for the price it is exceptional Making security is plate will no longer serve me as a blade but it was the goal I was looking for

  28. Sabrina

    WOW. So impressed. the shipping was so fast and the materials feel very high quality. this will be great when BLM and Antifa come rioting to a town near you. excellent product. I will be buying more!

  29. Eric Gower

    Fast shipping, extraordinary customer service! Excellent products.

  30. Brian Cook

    Grande para aqueles que necessitam de grande porte.

  31. Maxime Gabriel Jodouin

    Very quickly arrived to UK, London. Looks Good, fitted ok. Cant comment if its buletproof, as never tested .

  32. Sabrina

    Excellent. Excellent quality and well packaged. Arrived 15 days after purchase, very fast

  33. Michael Nelligan

    Good a little small for the European size I’m 185 for 86kg missing some small cm But I must say that for the price it is exceptional Making security is plate will no longer serve me as a blade but it was the goal I was looking for.

  34. SueQ

    Feels solid. Haven’t tested it yet though

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